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E-Flite Habu 32x DF ARF

E-Flite Habu 32x DF ARF

E-Flite EFL8085

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E-Flite Habu 32x DF ARF

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Product Description

Key Features

New streamlined swept-back planform design
Vibrant trim scheme in high-gloss paint and genuine Hangar 9® UltraCote® covering
Molded fiberglass fuselage and vertical stabilizer
Full balsa-sheeting wing and horizontal stabilizers
Two-piece, plug-in wings and stabilizers with carbon blade spar support
Pre-hinged elevators, ailerons and functional flaps
Hyper-efficient inlet and exhaust duct design
Ready for the E-flite® Delta-V® 32 EDF power system (sold separately)
E-flite 15-25 size electric retract ready (required-sold separately)
Optimized for use with modern Spektrum™ micro servo technology
Includes main wheel landing gear doors that improve streamlining
Quick-release battery hatch features a tinted canopy and cockpit detail
Complete precision hardware package includes machined aluminum wheels
Needed To Complete

6+channel full-range transmitter and receiver
80mm EDF system with rotor
32-class brushless EDF motor
80-amp, 22.2V brushless ESC
6S 5000mAh 22.2V high-power Li-Po battery
(8) metal-gear micro servos
Tricycle 15-25 size retractable landing gear
High-power AC/DC Li-Po balance charger

Video Overview


The Sport-Jet Sensation
Since 2008, when the ParkZone® Habu was first introduced, jet jocks and speed fans worldwide have flocked to the Habu line of EDF jets for the sporty looks and great performance. The E-flite® Habu 32 DF is the largest in the series and has delivered pro-grade performance to the club field environment. The new E-flite® Habu 32x DF jet takes electric ducted fan (EDF) performance and engineering to new heights. Designed around the E-flite Delta-V® 32 80mm fan unit and high-speed DF32 brushless motor, its hyper-efficient intake and exhaust ducting deliver a potent power system that produces a large amount of thrust available as quickly as you can move the throttle stick. The new swept-back wing and horizontal stabilizers enhance the sleek appearance. The result is a sport EDF that will give even experienced jet jockeys goose bumps. The Habu 32x DF boasts a level of fit and finish that is every bit as impressive as its performance. Even more satisfying is the short amount of time you’ll need to get this hot-rod flight-ready. The recommended E-flite accessories and Spektrum™ radio gear can help provide the smoothest build possible, as well as flight performance even the discerning modeler and expert pilot can appreciate.

Rigid Construction
The new swept-back planform of the wings and horizontal stabilizers feature full-balsa sheeting and genuine UltraCote® film covering. The wings attach to the fuselage using carbon fiber blade spars that fit into aluminum sockets for a rigid structure that can handle incredible speeds and G-loads.

Retract Ready
The Habu 32x DF features built-in wheel wells and hard-points that easily accept the required retracts such as the E-flite 15-25 size electric retracts (sold separately). The gear doors included improve streamlining and conceal the main landing gear struts when they’re retracted.

Fast Assembly
The ailerons, elevator and flaps use a sealed-hinge of genuine Hangar 9® UltraCote® covering for a clean look and less drag. The complex, bifurcated fiberglass intake ducts are factory installed and perfectly faired inside the fuselage so you can get in the air quicker.

Optimized Ducting
An optimized intake and exhaust design delivers maximum fan thrust without requiring cheater holes. As a result, the Habu 32x DF delivers outstanding performance in all flight conditions, reduced amp draw, quieter operation and a better flying experience overall.

Easy Access that’s Sleek
The quick-release hatch makes swapping out batteries and accessing electronics easy. Nose and belly hatches make access to the nose gear and EDF simple. A tinted clear canopy adds greatly to its "real" appearance in flight. Pilot figure not included.


CG (Center of Gravity):        4.30-4.90 in (110-125mm) back from the leading edge at wing root
EDF Size:        80mm
Experience Level:        Advanced
Flaps:        Yes
Fly Weight:        7.05 - 7.50 lb (3.20 - 3.40 kg)
Fuel Type:        Electric
Is Assembly Required:        Yes
Material:        Balsa Fiberglass
Motor Size:        DF 32 Brushless Motor, 2150Kv
Overall Length:        49.5 in (1250mm)
Plane Type:        Ducted Fan
Radio:        6+ Channel Radio System (required)
Recommended Battery:        22.2V 6S 5000mAh 30C LiPo, 10AWG, EC5
Recommended Environment:        Outdoor
Retracts:        Required (not included)
Servos:        Micro Servos (8 required)
Speed Control:        80-Amp brushless
Trim Scheme Colors:        UltraCote - Dark Yellow, Silver, Pearl Charcoal
Wing Area:        412 sq. in. (26.6 sq. dm.)
Wingspan:        42.0 in (1070mm)