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Dubro 783 Z-Bender Tool

Dubro 783 Z-Bender Tool

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Article code: ME DUB 783

Dubro 783 Z-Bender Tool

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This is Du-Bro's Z-Bender Tool For Use with Du-Bro's .072 Pushrod.

FEATURES: The Z-Bender makes true 90 degree z-bends on Du-Bro's .072 pushrods.
No damaged rod--just a professional looking bend.
Made of CNC machined steel with aluminum handles.
A must have item on the workbench or in the field box!
Instructions on package.

INCLUDES: One Z-Bender Tool

COMMENTS: Wear safety glasses when bending wire.
Do not use piano wire, spring steel, drill rod or any hardened metal
rod.  Use only soft standard control pushrods.