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Corel SM013 Wasa

Corel SM013 Wasa

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Corel  SM013 Wasa

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The WASA, a royal Swedish vessel with 64 guns sank in the waters around Stockholm on the day it was launched (10 August 1628) as the result of a violent gust of wind. The ship settled in 35 m of water. Construction on the vessel started in 1625, under the direction of the Dutch architect Henrik Hybertsson. While some guns and a few other objects had been recovered earlier, it was only possible to bring the ship to the surface in 1956. Partially rebuilt and restored, the WASA was installed in the Wasa Museum in Stockholm in 1958.Our reproduction of the WASA is based on the excellent graphic reproductions published by the Board of the Museum.

Lengte: 940 mm
Hoogte: 705 mm
Breedte: 330 mm
Schaal: 1/75