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Castle Telemetry Link X-Bus, Spektrum Compatible

Castle Telemetry Link X-Bus, Spektrum Compatible

Castle CSE010014800

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Castle Telemetry Link X-Bus, Spektrum Compatible

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Key Features

Telemetry data can be displayed on the transmitter screen, or for parameters where users only want to be notified when a defined threshold is exceeded, (battery voltage, ESC temperature, etc.), a configured vibration or sound alert from the radio can be utilized.
There is no requirement for additional Telemetry Sensors to be purchased when using the Castle Telemetry Link. There are up to 7 specific data points available (varies with ESC) and users can enable/disable data points through Castle Link™.

In this day and age, we all know R/C is not just one way communication anymore. Telemetry advancements are rapidly emerging and Castle has collaborated with the radio experts at Spektrum® to bring to market an incredibly useful and easy to use Telemetry product. Air enthusiasts now have a means to receive and view telemetry data on compatible Spektrum® radios when using their favorite Castle ESC's.
Needed To Complete

Compatible Spektrum® radios (DX6 G2, DX7 G2, DX8 G2, DX9, DX10T, DX18, DX18 G2, DX18 Stealth, DX18QQ) that support X-BUS protocol with AirWare software released after May 21, 2014. It is also necessary to utilize a compatible Spektrum® Telemetry Module (TM1000 or AR7350 or AR9350)
The Castle ESC must have the ability to accept a bidirectional communication protocol that gives it the ability to transmit real-time telemetry feedback. This feature is called Link Live™ and needs to be enabled on compatible ESC's using Castle Link™