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Castle QuadPack 25, 25-Amp Multi-Rotor ESC (4) Pack

Castle QuadPack 25, 25-Amp Multi-Rotor ESC (4) Pack

Castle CSE010013200

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Castle QuadPack 25, 25-Amp Multi-Rotor ESC (4) Pack

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QuadPack 25
It wasn’t until recently that Castle decided to spin into the Multi-Rotor market, and provide R/C enthusiasts with some of the most versatile and inventive systems ever devised. Enter the next master of the Multi-Rotor, the QuadPack 25.

This pack of four (4) 25 amp ESCs have already been optimized for use in your Quadcopter or Multi-Rotor by utilizing three (3) ESCs without a BEC and one (1) with a BEC. No more hassling with disabling the BEC on three of the ESC, this package is made specifically to save you the headache. The small footprint and lightweight design makes it the perfect choice for smaller Quads and Multi-Rotors.

A 490 Hz refresh rate makes the QuadPack 25 the epitome of stability during all aspects of flight from a simple hover to the most extreme maneuvers. Recommended for platforms pulling up to 25 amps** and running up to 6S LiPo, your Quadcopter or Multi-Rotor platform will perform as never before. While pre-programmed for your Multi-Rotor, the QuadPack 25 offers industry-leading software functions and USB programming capability via Castle Link USB adapter should you require them (Castle Link sold separately).

Input voltage        MIN: 2S LiPo
MAX: 6S LiPo
Max continuous amperage at full throttle        25 amps**
BEC voltage (voltage regulator for powering radio and servos)        5.5 volts*
BEC output        8 amp peak***
3 amp continuous
(always check servo draw prior to first flight)
Width: 0.72" (18.2mm)
Length: 1.72" (43.7mm)
Depth: 0.32" (8.1mm)

Weight with wires (each)        0.63 oz. (17.8g)
Weight without wires (each)        0.32 oz (9g)
Items needed for operation or installation        
Battery connector and motor connectors sold separately

Programmability        Fully programmable Castle feature set using Castle Link USB adapter (sold separately) and freely downloadable Castle Link Windows software.

*This package contains one Multi-Rotor 25 with a BEC and three with no BEC. The single BEC supplies power for all 4 controllers.

**RC HOBBY APPLICATION RATING: 25 amps for the duration of a single 4,000 mAh battery pack with the ESC in contact with a 5 mph airflow of 25C (77F) or cooler air. Controller temperature must never exceed 100C (212F). Exceeding current or temperature ratings may damage components and may shorten the life of the ESC. Always verify system current draw at full-throttle. Decrease load or increase airflow to decrease the ESC’s operating temperature.

***Peak indicates amperage sustainable for 0.5 seconds - long enough for most servos' current draw transients. Always confirm servo current draw before the first flight of the model.