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Busch 1706 Patineer Verf Bruin

Busch 1706 Patineer Verf Bruin

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Busch 1706 Patineer Verf Bruin

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For darker scenery bases, such as forests, etc.

The new Busch matte paints are acrylic colors developed for the specific requirements of model railroaders. With the eight coordinated colors one can cover the range of hues need for the layout and landscape gardening: prototypical gray tones for painting concrete and asphalt roads, sand-beige and earth brown for rock and soil coloration, natural green for scenery bases, before ground cover materials or grass fibers are applied (this significantly improves the effect of the applied materials), water-blue for ponds and other bodies of water and brick-red, in order to accentuate building materials like clay roofing tiles on structures. All colors can be mixed, so any necessary intermediate colors can be created. With white matte paint to lighten colors as needed (lightened colors are to ideal for painting facades, masonry and other exterior walls, house walls, etc.).

The Busch matte paints have outstanding cover strength and dry to a realistic matte finish. They can be used on practically all materials: wood, plaster, papier-mâché and similar materials, plastic (including polystyrene), glass, metal, cardstock, ceramic(s), stone etc. Thin paints and clean up with water. Contents per bottle: 100 ml.