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Blade Theory XL 5" FPV Kit BLH9470

Blade Theory XL 5" FPV Kit BLH9470

Blade BLH9470

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Blade Theory XL 5" FPV Kit  BLH9470

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Key Features

Stretched X Design for better flight stability
Durable 4mm Carbon Fiber
16mm & 19mm motor mounts
30.5mm PDB & Flight controller mounting dimensions
30mm standoffs offering ample room for electronics
Carbon fiber camera mounts for HS1177 style FPV cameras
Main frame cutouts for under-quad battery strap
Top plate designed for optimal video transmitter access
Frame designed for motor protection
Needed To Complete

What's in the box?

(1) Transmitter/Receiver
(1) FPV Camera
(1) Video Transmitter
(1) Flight Control
(4) ESCs
(4) Motors
(1) Battery
(1) Video Antenna
(1) Power Distribution Board
(4) Propellers
(1) 1.5mm Hex Wrench
(1) 2mm Hex Wrench
(1) Thread lock
(1) XT60 or EC3 connector
(1) Blade® Theory™ XL Frame Kit
(1) Hardware Set (screws & standoffs)

The Blade® Theory™ XL Frame Kit is a new and vastly improved FPV frame kit. This "stretched X" design delivers flight characteristics that are perfect for FPV racing, increased stability while pitching and flying fast forward. The durable 4mm carbon fiber main plate offers the lightweight durability that every FPV Racer desires. Weighting in at under 80 grams, this frame sheds all necessary weight without sacrificing durability and space. The bottom plate features designated cutouts to run the battery strap below the quad, reinforced arm tips to protect the motors in a crash, and industry standard 30.5mm standoff cutouts to mount nearly any power distribution board or flight controller. The 30mm standoffs that separate the bottom plate from the top also offer plenty of room to mount electronics such as receivers, video transmitters, or lap timing systems in addition to the flight controller and power distribution board. Additionally, the top plate has patterned cutouts that allow for easy access to nearly all video transmitters. Two vertical pieces of carbon fiber create a versatile and durable camera mount that offers 0 to 90 degrees of tilt, perfect for HS1177 style cameras. Motor mounting holes can host a variety of dimensions, from 16mm to 19mm motors. The Theory™ XL is the perfect FPV racing frame for every pilot, from the intermediate backyard flyer, to the national competitors.

Approximate Assembly Time:        1-3 Hours
Completion Level:        Kit
Flying Weight:        440g
Height:        36mm
Length:        158mm
Main Frame Material:        Carbon Fiber
Material:        Carbon Fiber
Rotor Type:        Quadcopter
Type:        Multirotor kit
Width:        125mm