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Blade Chroma Flight Case

Blade Chroma Flight Case

Blade BLH8649

€ 169.95

Artikelcode: BLH8649

Blade Chroma Flight Case

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Key Features

Rugged design for impact and drop proof durability.
Extendable locking handle and wheels for easy towing and transportation.
Rubber sealed 4 clamp lid that keeps dust and water out.
Pre-cut foam insert to hold everything you need to fly and more. (4 batteries, Charger/power-supply, transmitter, Chroma, and extra spots for accessories.
Adjustable sealed air valve that equalizes pressure differences between enclosure and ambient. This keeps seal and sensitive electronics from being compromised.
Outer Dimensions: 61×47.2×27.5cm
Inside Dimensions: 54×40×25cm