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Blade Carrying case for the 350QX

Blade Carrying case for the 350QX

Blade BLH7849

€ 99.95

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Blade Carrying case for the 350QX

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Product Description

Key Features

  • Sturdy foam insert provides protection for everything you need to fly your 350 QX and more
  • Accommodates the 350 QX with long landing gear
  • Accommodates the GB200 gimbal
  • Holds up to 6 flight batteries
  • Holds various tools and accessories
  • Holds charging or camera equipment
  • Fits DX5e up to DX18
  • Locking design with keys
  • Brushed aluminum with bright graphics


Keep your favorite quadcopter safe with this brushed aluminum case from Blade. Its locking design and ability to hold everything you could possibly need with your 350 QX make it the perfect all-in-one solution to carry, store and secure your investment!
This case was designed to fit the 350 QX and the 350 QX2 AP combo with gimbal and tall landing gear installed. No modifications necessary!


Field Equipment:
Totes & Carriers
11.5 in (292mm)
19.5 in (495mm)
20.5 in (521mm)