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Blade BLH8645 Wizard Chroma

Blade BLH8645 Wizard Chroma

Blade BLH8645

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Blade BLH8645 Wizard Chroma

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This pocket-sized controller puts all Chroma™ flight and gimbal controls in the palm of your hand. It includes an ingenious Point-N-Fly function that lets you reposition the drone in flight simply by pointing where you want it to go.

Key Features

Works like a TV remote
Standard flight and gimbal controls
Point-N-Fly™ function
Smart Mode, AP Mode and Return Home selector switch
Follow Me and Tracking Modes
Water-resistant carrying pouch with arm strap
Compatible with Chroma drones that include the ST-10+ controller
Requires iOS or Android device with compatible CGO app

Video Overview


The pocket-sized Chroma™ Wizard condenses all your flight and gimbal controls into a small, lightweight unit that works like a TV remote. It also gives you a Point-N-Fly function that lets you literally point to where you want the drone to position itself instead of using the standard flight controls to move it. A water-resistant pouch is included so you can strap the Wizard on your arm or carry it in your pocket when you want to shoot video of yourself in action using Follow Me or Tracking Modes.

The Chroma Wizard is compatible with any Chroma camera drone that comes with an ST-10+ controller.† An iOS or Android device with the free CGO app for your camera is required to control camera functions and view live video.

† Not compatible with Chroma models BLH8670 and BLH8680.