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Balsaloc 110 gram

Balsaloc 110 gram

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Balsaloc 110 gram

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Water based emulsion that dries to a clear colourless film. Applied on a surfaceand allowed to dry it forms a good heat seal adhesive.
Used as the adhesive to attach Fibafilm, Litespan and Airspan, Also on plywoodand other hardwood surfaces to improve the adhesion of iron on coverings.
Apply very thinly with a scrap of flexible plastic foam on to the model frameworkand allow to dry. Then iron the covering in place. On solid sheet woodsurfaces apply a very thin coat to the wood and to the back of the Fibafilm,Litespan or Airspan. Allow both to dry and then iron the covering on to the preparedwood, starting at the centre and working outwards. Make sure the coveringis attached everywhere on the surface.
110 gm Plastic Jars.