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Aquacraft AQUB20WW UL-1 Superior 2.4 Ghz ARTR

Aquacraft AQUB20WW UL-1 Superior 2.4 Ghz ARTR

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Article code: ME AQUB 20XX

Aquacraft AQUB20WW UL-1 Superior 2.4 Ghz ARTR

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The racing RTR with all the extras — and no equals!
There’s never been a LiPo-ready hydro with brushless power and 2.4GHz technology — until now. The UL-1 Superior has been designed in the U.S.A. to deliver today’s best in cutting-edge control, brushless performance and competition-quality features!
Features high-performance GrimRacer hardware and an optimized-for-brushless hull design developed by Mike “Grimracer” Zaborowski!
Includes a brushless marine motor and ESC custom-designed to meet UL-1 performance requirements.
Drive system uses a standard 0.150" flex drive and 3/16" prop shaft to provide race-quality response and reliability.
Ideal for IMPBA and NAMBA FE Sport Hydroplane Class events.

Hull Length: 27 in (685 mm)
Overall Length: 29.25 in (745 mm)
Beam: 14.25 in (360 mm)
Overall Height: 6.75 in (170 mm)
Weight: 4.88 lb (2,210 g)
Requires: (2) 7.4V, 3200mAh LiPo batteries & 4 "AA" alkaline batteries.

2.4GHz Tactic™ Radio System

The 2.4GHz system in the UL-1 is hard to beat for convenience and control. 2.4GHz tech makes it virtually interference-free and supremely dependable — and on-board gear is factory-installed for time-saving ease.

Water-cooled, 36-56-2030kV Brushless Marine Motor
The 6-pole, 36-56-2030kV brushless motor is an AquaCraft design created exclusively for the UL-1 and high-speed hauling. Includes gold-plated, 4 mm motor plugs to boost efficiency.

Waterproof, Water-cooled 60A ESC
Inside its aluminum case, the UL-1 ESC is waterproof, water-cooled and capable of handling 60A current loads with ease. While compatible with NiCds and NiMHs, it offers two safety features tailored just for LiPo packs: a "stutter bump" warning at 12V and automatic cut-off at 11.6V.

Recommended Hop-up Prop

Give your UL-1 a burst of speed...it's as simple as bolting on a high-quality GrimRacer metal prop! Racer-designed, USA-made GrimRacer Copper-Beryllium-Titanium props are now available almost everywhere R/C marine products are sold - making it easier than ever to get the metal prop advantage.