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Amati 1710/01 Dutch Windmill 1:30

Amati 1710/01 Dutch Windmill 1:30

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Amati 1710/01 Dutch Windmill 1:30

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Wooden model kit by Amati
Height 71 cm Scale 1:30 Entry Level

Dutch Windmill with Working Gears

For hundreds of years, windmills have been harnessing the power of the wind. The Dutch were masters of windmill design, using these structures to pump water and grind flour. Slowly, steam overtook the more temperamental power of the wind, and today only a small number of these elegant structures that dotted the countryside remain.
Amati’s version of the windmill is an authentic reproduction of a Dutch gristmill. It’s complete with working gears that actually turn the vanes. The kit features laser cut wooden parts and a building slip for easy assembly. Fittings include brass rods, nails and rivets, thread and photo-etched brass detailing. Straw roof covering, metal levers for the grindstone motor, clear acetate for windows and printed coverings for the floor, brick exterior and front decorations add life-like realism. Clear plans and excellent instructions make building easy.