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Align T-REX 450L Dominator Super Combo (3S)

Align T-REX 450L Dominator Super Combo (3S)

Align RH45E13X

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Align T-REX 450L Dominator Super Combo (3S)

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The internationally popular T-Rex 450 has long been a trend setting helicopter, every enthusiasts probably has owned at least one.
It is the ideal model for beginners as well as experts practicing advanced maneuvers. text by fw
Now the T-Rex 450 evolution continues, as Align drops another shocker into the market; with even more innovative designed incorporated, the brand new T-Rex 450L Dominator.

T-Rex 450L reverses the common impression people have on T-Rex 450, with material integration technology utilized on side frame design, and has features previously found only on larger models, such as battery mounting rails, top mounted motor, 700E DFC type main bearing block with integrated servo mounts, forming striking resemblances to larger contest grade models.
The newly added frame reinforcement plates not only improves helicopter′s overall rigidity and anti-torsion characteristics, the beautiful red anodizing also creates highly pleasing aesthetics, further exhibits the T-Rex 450L′s attractiveness and exclusiveness.
In addition, the T-Rex 450L cleverly expands on the core concepts of T-Rex 450 Pro designs, to carry on the heritage of its mature design of excellence.

Equipped with the DFC flybarless head assembly,resulting in even better flight stability.
Based on 3s voltage, the 460MX (3200kv) motor is tailor made for the T-Rex 450L DOMINATOR. When paired with RCE-BL45X brushless speed controller, the motor has superior efficiency, high power output, extreme torque, and low current, low temperature.
As a totem to the 850MX Dominator motor, The 460MX shares the same extraordinary pedigree.
Brand new DS416M servos controls the swashplate, with feature such as improved torque and speed, along with double bearing support, resulting in minimal deadband and better longevity.

With cutting edge design concepts and top grade electronics, T-Rex 450L Dominator surpasses traditional flight performances with higher stability, extreme power, superior control feel, yet maintains the convenience of smaller size.
The T-Rex 450L Dominator is a model not to be missed! text by fw

Features (T-REX 450L DOMIATOR)
1. Equipped with the DFC flybarless head assembly, with extremely low CG design to minimize wind resistance while providing more direct control feel. In addition, the brand new main rotor head block and new spindle design has been incorporated as standard feature. Paired with newly designed 3D specific 360 3G main rotor blades that are both stable and agile, resulting in improved flight performance.
2. Carbon side frame plates utilized composite material integration technology, featuring integrated battery mounting rails. The clever use of open spaces within the frame resulting in a structure that is both rigid and aesthetically pleasing. In addition, the T-Rex 450L cleverly expands on the core concepts of T-Rex 450Pro designs, to carry on the heritage of its mature design of excellence.
3. Designed with direct servo CCPM control, and a single piece main bearing block with integrated servo mounts similar to that of T-Rex 700E DFC, for simplified servo installation and clean aesthetic. Brand new DS430M servos feature improved torque and speed, with dual bearings design to minimize deadband and provide better longevity.
4. Continuation of Align over 25 years motor core technical knowledge and craft, based on 3s voltage, the 460MX (3200KV) motor is tailor made for the T-Rex 450L DOMINATOR, featuring superior efficiency, high power output, extreme torque, and low current, low temperature. As a totem to the 850MX Dominator motor, The 460MX shares the same extraordinary pedigree.
5. Brand new RCE-BL45X electronic speed controller, capable of 2S-6S lipos, with switching BEC featuring variable voltage adjustment between 5V-6V.
6. Frame reinforcement plates were added to effectively increase frame rigidity and increase anti-torsion ability. Classic red anodizing increases overall aesthetics of the helicopter.
7. Brand new battery mounting plate with battery latching design, along with integrated mounting rails in side frames to simplify battery installs while protecting them.
8. New style swash anti-rotation guide with embedded anti-wear material, effectively minimize the wear between swashplate long ball and guide.
9. Vertical rudder servo mount design for closer CG, increasing the sportiness of 3D flights. text by fw
10. Added tailboom support bridge design to increase the rigidity of the overall tailboom/support assembly.
11. Using competitive material and special imbedded technology for vertical tail, enhanced its structural strength and boutique texture efficiently, vivacious color providing excellent visibility.
12. Brand new tail blade grips with thrust bearing design, dramatically increase rudder precision and tail locking effectiveness, while increasing the longevity of bearings. The brand new extended tail rotor blades to match the 360mm main rotor blades also contributes to the tail locking performance. The new style paint scheme provides better visibility in midair.
13. New style dual point supported tail control assembly for slop free tail, improving on rudder resolution and control precision.

Specification (T-REX 450L DOMIATOR)
• Length: 705mm text by fw
• Height: 205mm
• Width: 110mm
• Main Blade Lenght: 325mm
• Main Rotor Diameter: 710mm
• Tail Rotor Diameter: 171mm
• Motor Drive Gear: 12T
• Main Drive Gear: 121T
• Autorotation Tail Drive Gear: 106T
• Tail Drive Gear: 25T
• Drive Gear Ratio: 1:10.08:4.24
• Weight (w/o power system): 722g

Features (3GX Flybarless System)
• Brand new redesigned 3GX represents a new generation of multi function flybarless system. The dramatically improved performance will create immediate impact on any enthusiasts.
• 3GX is currently the smallest and lightest flybarless system on the market. Two ports to directly connect Spektrum and JR satellite receivers, along withfull support of Futabas S-BUS system.
• Based on the 3G FL760 manual setup process, the 3GX can be setup in a few minutesthrough a simple process. In addition, the 3GX can support all of the CCPM swashplatesystem currently on the market including 90, 120, 135, and 140 degrees swashplates.
• Graphical illustrated instruction on the computer setup software directs theuser through a step by step setup process, allowing for quick setups withoutomitting any steps.
• Support Bluetooth connectivity. With the soon to be released Bluetooth connectivitykit, 3GX can be programmed wirelessly from a PC. Eventually there will also besmartphone apps allowing live adjustments to 3GX without powering down.
• With 3GXs built in Align RCE-G600 governor function, no external governor isneeded to reduce electronic wire clutters.
• A library of pre-configured 3GX settings specifically available for T-Rex seriesof helicopters, allowing pilots to achieve the most optimal setup for their helicopters.
• Three levels of flight mode is available on the 3GX to provide different feelsfrom beginners to advanced pilots. text by fw
• Custom parameters have been opened up in 3GX to allow pilots to fine tune numeroussettings for swashplate and rudder. Settings export feature allows custom settingsto be shared amongst friends.
• 3GX utilizes brand new gyroscope sensors of the highest specifications whencompared to other flybarless systems currently on the market, allowing it tobe used under harsh conditions. Dual axis plus rudder sensor dramatically improvesswashplate and rudder correction precision compared to last generation 3G. Thisis clearly noticeable in stable hover as well as highly aerobatic routines.
• Suitable for helicopter of all class from 200 to 700, glow engine or electricpowered. The superior vibration resistant characteristic is evident even whenmounted with harder double sided mounting tape.
• 3GX utilizes 16 bit processor which is 4 times faster than previous generation,along with a completely re-written firmware. The result is a dramatic stabilityimprovement from previous generation, with stability that rivals a flybar helicopter, yet posses explosive agility.
• With built in pirouette compensation function, 3GX is able to stabilize thehelicopter on a fixed point during pirouetting maneuvers. Pirouetting flips typeof maneuvers are easily accomplished with precision.
• 3GXs rudder control is similar to the high end GP-780 gyro in that rudder sensitivityis catered specifically for the helicopters rudder response characteristics,allowing consistent rudder feel even under high speed conditions. This excellentcontrol feel will allow pilot of all skill levels to experience the perfect integrationbetween 3GX and helicopter.
• Additional peripherals planned for the 3GX includes 3-axis accelerometer, 3-axismagnetic compass, and GPS positioning system. While the commonly available positionhold gyro system utilizes only 6 sensors, total of 10 sensors ensure positioning of helicopter with superior accuracy, providing the ultimate solution for aerialphotography or other special purposes.

Specification (3GX Flybarless System)
• Operating Temperature: -10°C ~ 60°C text by fw
• X and Y axis Operating Angle Range: -300° ~ +300°
• Z axis Operating Angle Range: -600° ~ +600°
• Size: 36.5x25.2x15.6mm
• Weight: 11g
• Supports Wide/Narrow Bandwidth Digital and brushless servos
• Spektrum and JR Satellite antennas support (Replaces original factory receiver)
• Futaba S.BUS system support
• Built in governor function
• Maximum working voltage: 8.5V
• Compatible with 1024/2048 resolution Spektrum receivers
• Supports 90/120/135/140 CCPM swashplates
• Field setup without the use of a PC
• Compatible with 2 to 5 blades rotor heads
• Support up to 6 servos
• Automatic servo type recognization

• 1x 3GX Flybarless System text by fw
• 1x 325D 3G Carbon Fiber Blades
• 1x RCE-BL45X 45A Brushless ESC
• 1x 460MX Brushless Motor (3200KV)
• 3x DS416M Digital Servo
• 1x DS525M Digital Servo

Needed to complete:
• 1x Transmitter (6-channel or more, helicopter system)
• 1x Receiver (6-channel or more) text by fw
• 1x Pitch gauge or Digital Pitch Gauge
• 1x 3S Li-Po 2200~2300mAh battery