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Align K10475A 70A Brushless ESC (Governer Mode) RCE-BL70G

Align K10475A 70A Brushless ESC (Governer Mode) RCE-BL70G

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Align K10475A 70A Brushless ESC (Governer Mode) RCE-BL70G

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Large-sized high efficiency heatsink makes the ESC stable under large current output.
5-6V step-less adjustable BEC output allowing custom voltage setting to match servo specification.
BEC output utilizing switching power system, suitable for 7.4-22.2V (2s-6s) Li battery, with continuous current   rating of 3A, and burst rating of 5A.
Three programmable throttle speed settings to support quick throttle response.
Include soft start and governor mode.
Small and compact PCB design for lightweight and simple installation.
Large heat sink for optimum thermal performance.
Highly compatible to work with 98% of all brushless motors currently on themarket.
Ultra-smooth motor start designed to run with all kinds of brushless motors.
The power inlet utilizes a Japanese made "Low ESR" capacitor inorder to provide stable power source.
The throttle has more than 200 step resolution that provides great throttleresponse and control.
If the aircraft should land or crash in an unexpected location and become lost, the pilot can enable the Aircraft Locator Option. The Aircraft Locator Option is engaged by tuming off the transmitter. When the ESC does not receive a signal from the transmitter for 30 seconds, it will start to send an alarm to the motor. The sound of the alarm will aid the pilot to locate the aircraft. This option will not work with a PCM receiver that has SAVE function enabled, or with low noise resistant PM receivers.

Contimuous current: 70Amps with porper air flow
Surge current: 110Amps (5sec)
Supporting motor types: 2 ~ 10 pole in/outrunner brushless motors.
Supporting maximum RPM: 2poles => 190,000rpm; 6poles => 63,000rpm
Supporting input voltage: 5.5V ~ 25.2V
Supporting battery types: Li-ion/ Li-poly 2 ~ 6 cells
BEC output voltage: 5 - 6V step-less adjustment
Continuous current 3A; Burst current 5A
Size: 65x31x18mm
Weight: 72g

1. When setting to the Quick response speed, the acclerative peak current will increase.
2. To minimize possible radio interference induced by switching power system, BEC should be installed at least 5cm away from the receiver. The use of PCM receiver is recommended.