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Flite Test Fighter airplane F-22 Raptor, Mighty Mini Series

Flite Test Fighter airplane F-22 Raptor, Mighty Mini Series

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Article code: FT4113

Flite Test Fighter airplane F-22 Raptor, Mighty Mini Series

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The Raptor

The FT Mighty Mini F-22 Raptor is definitively the most beautiful remote controlled cross bird. The Raptor is particularly agile, thus makes it perfect for halls and indoor flight or wherever you have a small space to fly. It does not mean that the F-22 Raptor cannot be a little wildcat. The light construction method with the waterproof FT Foam Board makes this warbird very agile. The F-22 Raptor can be assembled in no time and you can fly it quickly.

The kit

The frame is made of the water-resistant FT Foam Board. In the package are included control horns, push rods, wood sticks and a mini firewall. The FT Mighty Mini F-22 Raptor has a weight of 134 grams only, without RC components, and a wingspan of 508 mm.

Recommended Accessories

For this Flite Test model we recommend a 6-channel transmitter, e.g. the Graupner mz-12. You gain maximum range and controll using the GR-12 receiver. Benefit from the favourable price of the Radio Control Set mz-12 with the GR-12L (No. S1002.12). Furthermore, we recommend the ESC Brushless Control SBEC (No. 33718.XT60) and two digital servos DES 428 BB MG (No. 7911). You gain the maximum performance using the Brushless Motor ULTRA 2806 (No. S7050) and Copter Props, e.g. our C-Props 6x3 (No. 1347.6x3.R). More recommendations below.

Product characteristics
Frame made of strong FT WR Foam Board
Easy assembly
Exciting flight characteristics
Ideal with Power Pack A, Minis
Included in the package
Frame made of laser-cut FT Foam Board
RC mount (mini)
Motor firewall (mini)
Small parts

Recommended accessories
FT Power Pack A, Minis (No. FT4501B)
Radio Control mz-12 HoTT, GB, 6 Channels (No. S1002.77)
Receiver GR-12 HoTT (No. 33506) or Receiver GR-12 + 3x Gyro HoTT (No. 33576)
Electronic Speed Control (ESC) Brushless Control SBEC with Telemetrie, 18 A, XT-60 Plug (No. 33718.XT60)
Servo digital DES 428 BB MG (No. 7911)
ULTRA 2806 2300KV brushless Motor CCW (No. S7050)
Power Pack LiPo 3S / 850 mAh (No. 78108.3)
Linkage Stopper, 1.2 – 2 mm, 10 Pcs (No. 1177.2)
C-Prop 6x3 (No. 1347.6x3.R)
Charger Ultramat 14 plus, Li, Pb, Ni (No. 6464)