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Blade Trio 180 CFX BNF Basic BLH3750

Blade Trio 180 CFX BNF Basic BLH3750

Blade BLH3750

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Blade Trio 180 CFX BNF Basic BLH3750

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Building on the popularity of the 180 CFX, the Trio 180 CFX is a powerful, micro, 3D machine that now comes with a 3-bladed rotor head improving response and collective authority. Combined with optimized servo geometry, enhanced digital metal gear servos, carbon fiber frame and a lighter overall profile, the Trio 180 CFX provides intermediate and advanced pilots the crisp flight experience that made the 180 CFX a micro 3D standout. Featuring a high-torque brushless outrunner main motor and Castle Creations ESC, this heli features a potent punch every pilot needs for thrilling back yard 3D maneuvers. Additionally, AS3X® technology makes it extremely stable in the air. All of this comes in a Bind-N-Fly® Basic package―just add a 3S 450mAh battery, bind to a 6+ channel Spektrum™ transmitter and fly!

Approximate Assembly Time:        No assembly required
Approximate Flight Time:        3 min
Battery:        450mAh 11.1V 30C LiPo        (not included)
Canopy/Body Material:        Plastic
Completion Level:        Bind-N-Fly Basic
Flying Weight:        190g
Height:        130mm
Length:        340mm
Main Blade Material:        Carbon
Main Frame Material:        Carbon
Main Motor Type:        Brushless Outrunner
Main Rotor Blade Length:        154mm
Main Rotor Diameter:        360mm
Main Rotor Head Type:        Collective Pitch (CCPM) Flybarless
Swashplate Type:        120 deg
Tail Blade Material:        Carbon fiber
Tail Drive:        Torque Tube
Tail Rotor Blade Length:        32mm
Tail Rotor Diameter:        90.5mm
Type:        Helicopter
Width:        60mm