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Sky Hero SKH00-302 Spy 750mm Y6 Frame

Sky Hero SKH00-302 Spy 750mm Y6 Frame

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Sky Hero SKH00-302 Spy 750mm Y6 Frame

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Foldable                                                  # take it everywhere
Hidden electronic                                # neat
Oversized carbon parts                                # don’t fear massive payload
Multi-sized frames                                # choose yours
Coaxial design                                            # heavy wind resistance
Smart layout
                                                           # easy nose visibility
Few parts                                                  # infinite possibilities
Looks beautiful                                            # be ready for jealousy

2 mm carbon fiber main frame plates                # stronger
30 mm carbon fiber booms                        # ESC inside
Injected motor mounts                                # reliable
Flight controller between the frame plates                # protected
Pre-drilled for 45*45 flight controller patterns        # easy
28 mm to 36 mm motor size                        # choice is yours
INERTiC camera mounts                                # no jelly
20 mm carbon fiber landing poles
                                               # stable
Y6 shape
                                               # enjoy windy days
Size & Weight        
S:750mm, ± 750 g

Option parts        
Complete pre-soldered wire set
Complete motor set, 28mm motors made for 6S lipo use, 30A-6S ESC, 12 inch props, very low Amp draw and maximum efficiency
Size conversion sets (booms)
Long landing poles
“Zero wire” leds
Canopy stickers
INERTiC mounts for most gimbals
Heavy duty carrying case