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Robbe F1285 SERVO S 9650 DIGITAL

Robbe F1285 SERVO S 9650 DIGITAL

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Robbe F1285 SERVO S 9650 DIGITAL

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Digital servo of the new generation with newly developed bell-armature motor. Small, fast and powerful. Integral mounting flanges provide for vertical and horizontal mounting. The gearbox features twin ballraces, and utilises an indirect drive system to couple the gearbox to the special potentiometer with 6-finger wiper. Naturally the case is of splashproof design. The obvious application for this servo is 1:12 scale model cars, but it also suits any other model where high power and speed are required from a small servo.

Dimensions: 35.5x15.0x28.5 mm
Mass/weight: 29.00 pond/g
Operating voltage: 4.8-6 Volts
Nominal voltage: 4.80 Volts Nominal voltage: 6.00 Volts
Torque: 33.00 Ncm
Torque: 41.00 Ncm
Transit speed: 0.10 Sec/45°
Transit speed: 0.08 Sec/45°
Holding power: 82.00 Ncm
Holding power: 102.00 Ncm